URIGHTS, an authors' rights management platform for online music

November 2018

In 2017, Sacem signed a ten-year agreement with IBM to develop and co-manage a global authors' rights management platform for online music.

Since its creation, Sacem has been constantly evolving to adapt to new uses. The first contract with an online music platform was signed in 1999. In recent years, the agreements have multiplied: Deezer, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon, Netflix, SoundCloud, Facebook, etc. All these platforms have signed agreements with Sacem.

a solution that addresses today's challenges

To cope with the exponential growth in usage data to be processed, Sacem has formed a ten-year strategic partnership with technology leader IBM. Together, they have created URights, the first global platform for processing usage of works online. This platform can process all reports, from their sending by online music services up to the distribution of authors' rights to Sacem's members and to all those who have given Sacem a mandate, significantly improving the level and time of identification of works reported.

an open and international solution

Designed to be used by other collective management bodies, URights provides tracking, business intelligence and processing tools for online usage.

The tools

Operational since April 2017, the tracking tool offers the possibility of retrieving information from the sales data of digital services in a big data environment. Over 25 billion sales lines (from 2015 to 2018) are available.

The business intelligence tool will make it possible to have business analyses on online activity.

The online music processing and operational management tools have been in operation since July 2018.

VOD and SVOD processing, as well as tariff simulation, are currently under development.

Value Chain


The objectives

Make every effort to increase the value of our members' rights for both musical and audiovisual works.

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Published November 28 2018