Livestreams: Sacem announces a new remuneration plan specifically dedicated to online concerts

Because of coronavirus lockdown measures and government bans on gatherings, artists have been unable to go on stage and perform for live audiences. Amid concert hall closures and cancelled festivals, artists have taken to livestreaming to keep their music and other creations out there for fans. To help creators as this new medium takes shape, Sacem is setting up an exceptional copyright remuneration scheme for livestreams.

Long seen as sporadic efforts, livestreams have exploded in number over the last several weeks worldwide, allowing creators and artists to stay connected to their communities. Livestreaming has truly become a separate broadcast medium, and it is a format which, even though it has developed quickly, is mostly limited to artists' offering it for free on social media networks.

Aware of the stakes livestreaming represents for its authors, composers and publishers, Sacem, thanks to its deals with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, announced that it has put into place a new remuneration program for its members' livestreams on those three platforms that have generated at least 1,000 views. The announcement confirms Sacem's commitment to react as quickly as possible to circumstances its members face and its willingness to ensure they are paid when their works are broadcast.   

So royalties from their work can be properly distributed, authors, composers and publishers who are Sacem members must register their livestreams in their member area on the Sacem website. This registration follows the same principle as the registration of a setlist of titles played at a concert or festival, and will include certain pieces of information that will allow the verification of the livestreams and all of the information needed for a precise distribution.   

The registration service will be available from June 3, but in an effort to support Sacem members seriously impacted during this crisis, it will allow the registration of livestreams performed and broadcast since March 15. The new remuneration system for Sacem members, which will take into account the length of the show, is based on a combination of the minimum rates applicable to free concerts and the minimum remuneration of a stream over a digital platform.

Minimum amount distributed:

  • Livestream of a title (duration of about 4-5 minutes: €10
  • Livestream lasting less than 20 minutes: €46.35
  • Livestream lasting more than 20 minutes: €76€

Additional Remuneration:

  • €0.001 per view (view count stopped at the end of the quarter)*

At the end of the current health crisis, or in the case of paid broadcasting of livestreams, new distribution conditions, to be shared at a later date, will apply.

* exclusive of management fees

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Jean-Noël Tronc, Chief Executive of Sacem: "The crisis we are going through has turned our lives and routines upside down. In these difficult times, we’ve seen how essential music is to opening our minds, stimulating us and bringing us closer to one another. Despite the closure of venues, artists have shown creativity and imagination and have continued to bring their music to life by taking advantage of social networks and digital tools.
So much more than just a trend, livestreaming has become a formidable means of broadcasting and promoting all musical repertoires. Sacem has always paid attention to new methods and new opportunities that serve the interests of our members. Livestreaming is one of them, and I am proud that Sacem has taken up the issue and set up a specific remuneration plan." 


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Published the June 03 2020