Sacem announces the creation of a new Membership Services Division led by Thibaud Fouet

This new division aims to bring Sacem into a closer relationship with its members. The structure will offer new services: social assistance, services for professionals and online services. The new division will provide members with solutions adapted to their particular requirements.

After announcing the creation of new a Licensing, International and Operations division last January, Sacem (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers) continues its transformation with a new division dedicated to Membership Services.

Over the past two years, Sacem has been working on an extensive programme to improve and expand the services it provides, and build on the relationship with its creators and publishers. Accordingly, Sacem has set up this new division, dedicated to demonstrating its willingness to better respond to the expectations and requirements of its members.

Thibaud Fouet, previously Sacem’s Project Director for members services, is appointed Director of Membership Services. In his new role, he has also been appointed a member of the Sacem Executive Committee.

The Membership Services Division has been given three major assignments and, in addition, the role of managing the relationship with its members across the various departments within Sacem.

  • Manage the relationship with the members both inside and outside Sacem
  • Develop new services for members (social assistance, professional services and online services). The MSD will manage cross-functional projects with all business divisions concerned, in particular the Licensing, International and Operations Division, and the IT Division.
  • Enhance Sacem's knowledge of its members with regard to their repertoires, activities, and their relations with Sacem, in order to better understand them and provide appropriate solutions to their particular needs.

That new division is based on three departments:

  • Department of Social and Professional Affairs that covers welfare and social security, administrative and statutory management, information and links with professional organisations on social aspects and vocational training. It is being extended to include professional support services
  • Department of Services and Members includes a section dedicated to professional members and full members (“membres définitifs”), a section in charge of the development of members’ services (member relationship management tool, operational communication…)
  • Department of Verification of Distribution that provides assistance to our members if they have questions about the distribution of their author rights

The services dedicated to members are reorganised in order to provide the best services and to meet the expectations of our authors, composers and publishers.

This new organisation aims to improve Sacem’s relationship with its members. These dedicated teams will be the point of contact for members, facilitating a prompt response to their questions and requests. This more direct connection will also allow us to offer our members a whole new set of services, adapted to their diverse requirements.

Jean-Noël Tronc, CEO of Sacem, said: “As a house of authors, composers and publishers, Sacem had to continue its evolution by devoting a division to accompany and meet their needs in a constantly evolving environment, with tailored and specific services. The creation of the Membership Services division is a great opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our members around the world, and to strengthen the bonds that unite us."

Thibaud Fouet, Director of Membership Services at Sacem, said: "For more than 20 years, I have been working to provide services to creators and publishers. I am delighted to be leading this new Division and using my experience on behalf of our members. Being a creator or a publisher has changed considerably in recent years. Today they are facing new issues and new challenges, and we will make every effort to support them on a daily basis.”

Notes to editors

About Thibaud Fouet

Thibaud Fouet, a graduate of INSEEC, joined Sacem in 1992, after working for three years in Live Performance, as a Regional Delegate. After gaining experience in the society's regional network, he assumed responsibility for the Distribution Audit Department in 2006, a position to which was added, in 2014, Project Director for members services.

Thibaud Fouet’s vast experience in handling the relationship between Sacem and its members will be invaluable in his new managerial role.

About Sacem

The Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (Sacem) aims to represent and defend its members’ interests with a view to promoting musical creation in all its forms (from contemporary music to jazz, rap, hip-hop, French chanson, film music, music for video, etc.) along with other repertoires (humour, poetry, dubbing, subtitling, etc.). Its key mission is to collect royalties and distribute them to authors, composers and publishers whose works are disseminated or reproduced. A private organisation, Sacem is a non-profit entity managed by creators and publishers of music elected to its Board of Directors.

It has 164,840 members, including 20,012 creators from outside France (3,830 new members in 2017) and represents over 121 million works from the global repertoire.

In 2017, Sacem distributed royalties to 300,000 authors, composers and publishers worldwide for more than 2.4 million works.

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Published the April 17 2019