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Since 1851

SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music) is a non-profit non-trading entity owned and managed by its members according to the business model of a cooperative.

To guarantee authors’ intellectual property rights over their works, SACEM collects and distributes royalties, thereby playing a crucial economic role to preserve musical creation.

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three basic values

SACEM offers the same services to every one of its members, without distinction:

& distributing


& supporting


& protecting

our members and authors’ rights

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members and our clients

More than 161,000 creators and publishers,

in France and worldwide, trust SACEM to protect their works and to support them in their projects.

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More than 500,000 clients

worldwide use more than 118 million works.

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Sacem and its

At the heart of the Cultural and Creative Industries, SACEM works with a majority of organisations of general interest in the music sector worldwide.

Music represents:

240,874 jobs
in turnover

1,168,000 jobs
in turnover

In France

In Europe

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