Our clients

SACEM has 427,500 clients who can use 96 million works from all areas of creation: music, sketches, texts and audiovisual works...

By paying royalties, they contribute to enabling the creators and publishers of these works to earn a living, perpetuate creation in all its diversity and promote artistic vitality.

Who are our clients?

Any person or entity utilizing music or reproducing it on media must get a licence to do so and pay royalties which go to the authors, composers and publishers of music.

Music place

Record and live show producers, concert and music event organisers, municipalities, non-profit organisations.

Radio and television

Radio and television, cable, satellite and ADSL, audio and video streaming/downloading on demand.


Discotheques, cafes, hotels, restaurants and all venues where music can be disseminated.


Cinema theatres

SACEM repertoire

A global repertoire

  • 96 million works
  • In 2021, more than 3.3 million new works, including 362,000 works registered by SACEM members.
  • 2nd largest repertoire for export after the Anglo-American repertoire.

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A close relationship

SACEM’s territorial presence is our most valuable asset with 60 local offices all over France and overseas.

This guarantees fair and efficient collections and close relations with members and local clients through a single contact for granting licences to broadcast music.

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