The copyright directive adopted

26 march 2019

A historic victory for creators and European democracy.


348 votes in favor; 274 against: the European Parliament adopted on Tuesday 26 March the Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market.

This is a historic vote on a balanced text that strengthens the rights of European creators and preserves the future of the internet.

The directive introduces new obligations, which are aimed very directly at the major platforms of the Web. In Article 17 (formerly Article 13), the directive requires the big tech companies to conclude agreements with rights holders in order them to be paid as soon as a user posts one of their work (a text, a song, a movie ...).

Then this directive which has been adopted in the area of copyright and related rights provide for a high level of protection for rightholders and create a framework wherein the exploitation of works and other protected subject-matter can take place.

The text will have to be transcribed into national law by all the countries of the Union within two years.

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Published March 26 2019