Dear MEPs: say yes to copyright directive!

26 march 2019

This Tuesday, March 26, 2019 will put an end to a marathon of over three years that has resulted in a balanced text reinforcing the rights of European creators and preserving the future of the internet.


All the rest is just propaganda and lobbying of huge US technology companies whose sole purpose is to protect their financial interests.

Dear MEPs, this is your responsibility. Today yes can save the Europe of culture.

Hundreds of thousands of European artists and journalists have been mobilizing for several weeks.

More than 300 organisations representing millions of creators say #Yes2copyright

A group of European start-up explain why they support the copyright directive.

The privacy-focused European search engine Qwant has declared its support for the European Copyright Directive

Newspaper to be distributed to the European MEPs (PDF)

Artists and journalists from all over Europe say YES to the directive (video) 

Published March 26 2019