March 2020

Following the new emergency measures put in place by the government to stem the spread of coronavirus, we remain mobilised and have continued providing our services remotely.

Sacem is concerned about the social and economic situation generated by COVID-19, which continues to impact our members, as well as all event organisers, concert venues, festivals etc. Sacem has put in place specific measures to accompany and support cultural actors and project applicants as best as we can, through these difficult times.

Information pack:

Sacem’s team is available via telephone or email to reply to your questions.

Sacem is standing in solidarity with project applicants

Sacem’s systems are currently operating. This will be adapted in accordance to the difficulties faced by creatives, as well as the music industry as a whole, which is greatly impacted by the current collapse of cultural arts in France and abroad.

Our file submission platform continues to operate. The files will still be processed, and committees have moved to a digital approval process.

The financial support provided to cancelled events and festivals will be maintained, when possible. This applies to events impacted throughout the confinement period and applications will be reviewed urgently. 

For any questions: Get in touch with your usual contact person at Sacem for anything that may relate to your event.

To find out more

> Sacem press release - 27 March 2020 - Covid-19: Sacem opens rescue fund as it rolls out emergency measures totalling as much as €43 million

> Sacem press release - 18 March 2020 - Covid-19: Sacem is mobilized to ensure the continuity of its operations in the service of its members, and urges public authorities to support music authors, composers and publishers, who form an essential but fragile link in the creative economy

Published April 03 2020