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Spring 2018

By Jean-Noel Tronc, Managing Director

In recent months this vast corporate project has been launched in the service of all our members. Following the customer satisfaction survey conducted in spring 2016, Sacem has decided to launch some twenty projects to improve the services provided to its members and to those who entrust Sacem with the management of their rights by mandate.

This ambitious program, known as "NRS" (nouvelles relations sociétaires - new company relations), involves all our members and will lead to numerous simplifications and therefore greater efficiency in the execution of our projects.

The first simplification concerns the conditions of membership and the declaration of works to Sacem. Membership and the payment of the related fees may be made as soon as the application for admission has been submitted. A single work that has been the subject of a first release in concert or online - instead of five as is the case currently - will be sufficient for the applicant songwriter or composer to substantiate his or her application for membership. For publishers, the number of works required will be reduced from ten to four. The whole will be supported by an application process that should make it possible, within a few months, to complete all these steps online.

The second simplification concerns the option of the free sharing of public performance rights. Third party sharing remains the inviolable rule, but internally, sharing may reflect agreements made for each college concerning mechanical reproduction rights. I will not rerun the details of this reform mentioned by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Jean-Claude Petit in the forum of this Magsacem. I will just say that it will allow Sacem to adapt to the modes of creation and facilitate collaboration between members of different songwriters societies that have different rules from our own.

These two simplifications will be the subject of a modification to our Articles of Association which will have to be validated during our next General Assembly, in June.

Another priority of the NRS programme is the modernisation of the processes for live music sessions, concerts and tours. It is an ambitious initiative, which has been developed to simplify the procedures and improve the processes leading to the distribution of authors' rights.

Among the other projects contributing to the transformation of our society undertaken in recent years, is the reform of the system of mutual aid and social welfare allowances of Sacem (RAES). This reform touches on those social welfare concerns to which Sacem is particularly attached, will result in an enlargement of the RAES.

Sacem teams are also working on other developments for the future, a simplified version of the paper leaflet, improving the welcome given to our members in various different ways.


I am pleased to bring you two pieces of good news, the result of our relentless commitment to promoting collective management and defending your rights wherever possible.

Since December, Sacem has signed four licensing agreements with Facebook over 180 countries that will allow our members to be paid for any use of their works.

Sacem is proud, moreover, to announce the creation of Sacem Polynesia and to participate in the development of Polynesian culture. I would like to welcome all the creators and publishers who are joining Sacem Polynesia.


Mag Sacem n°100

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Published June 19 2018