Sacem members elect representative to the board of directors 2023-2024

Tuesday June 20

On Tuesday June 20, the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (Sacem), held its Annual General Meeting, renewed its Board of Directors for one year.

The mission of the Board of Directors is to make all essential decisions to carry out the business Sacem.

Its members are elected by their peers — authors, composers and publishers — for three years (two years for writer-directors). Sacem members are called upon each year to renew the mandate of one-third of the directors, by category. The chair is chosen by the new Board of Directors for a one-year renewable term of office.

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Newly elected*

Chair : Christine Lidon, author
Vice-Chair : Thomas Jamois, publisher
Vice-Chair : Arnold Turboust, composer
Vice-Chair : Richard Seff, author 
Treasurer : Vanessa Bertran*, author
Deputy Treasurer : Bruno Lion*, publisher 
Secretary general : Valérie Foray, publisher
Deputy Secretary : Vincent Baguian, author

Gilles Amado, author-director
Elisabeth Anaïs*, author
Cécile Bernier, publisher
Jean-Yves d’Angelo, composer
Rodolphe Dardalhon*, publisher
Anne Dorr*, author-director
Juliette Metz, publisher
Serge Perathoner, composer
Marie-Jeanne Serero, composer
Patrick Sigwalt*, composer
Michael Tordjman*, composer 
Frédéric Zeitoun, author


Published June 22 2023