Electronic Music in France

After 30 years in existence, it was deemed important to draw an up-to-date overview of what the electronic music sector represents in France, both economically and culturally.
For this purpose, one hundred and fifty stakeholders in this music scene have been interviewed, creating an open information census of its major economic drivers and enabling its true evaluation, as well as defining its main practices.

The scope of this first exercise is however more a qualitative study than a quantitative audit. It represents a first marker in this endeavour to precisely measure the little-documented real economic contributions of this important cultural movement. To achieve this, the survey had to look beyond aesthetic trends and not leave out any aspect of electronic cultures, treating them all with equal attention and respect.

To ensure the relevance of this approach, Olivier Pellerin and Benjamin Braun have been supported by SACEM staff and by a committee of various qualified figures in the electronic music world.

This working group, throughout their research, maintained an intellectual conformity and rigour, regarding the methodology and content, that proved very productive.

The survey

Published October 12 2016