Who are we ?

As the world leader in the collective management of authors' rights,
Sacem is the house of authors, composers and publishers in all their diversity.

Sacem in a nutshell

Sacem is constantly adding value to creation. It is committed to maximizing revenues for creators and publishers, while guaranteeing them a high level of service and support at every stage of their professional lives.

210,800 members
Authors, composers, music publishers, dubbing and subtitling authors, writer-directors – in all artistic genres.

More than 50 international partners
(majors, independent publishers, foreign authors' societies), have entrusted Sacem with multi-territorial mandates for the management of their authors' rights from digital uses.

Our missions

To collect and distribute
royalties for authors,
composers and
music publishers

To develop authors’ rights
and negotiate the best value
for the creation of works

To provide social protection,
cultural support and
high value-added services


Founded in 1851, Sacem is a private, non-profit society owned by its members, the authors, composers and publishers of music.

It acts in complete transparency and independence. In an increasingly complex environment, collective management represents the most effective solution for protecting and promoting creation.

Our governance

Sacem's Board of Directors is composed of authors, composers and music publishers, elected by their peers each year.


Resolutely turned toward the future, Sacem is a French technological champion recognized worldwide for its expertise in the precise processing of massive amounts of data.
Sacem anticipates changes in usage and negotiates agreements with all digital platforms and all the different ways works are exploited online.


Sacem signs agreements with all the digital players, covering as many as 200 territories worldwide, for its members and for all those represented through the mandates entrusted to it. It was the first authors' society to sign agreements with TikTok, Netflix and even Facebook.


Developed in partnership with IBM, URights is a unique platform for online rights management: from processing the data from digital service providers to calculating the distribution for its members and international publishers.

Sacem Lab

At the heart of a booming ecosystem, the Sacem Lab draws on creators, the MusicTech ecosystem and Sacem's own teams to co-create the collective management system of the future. Its missions: anticipate, experiment, and share in the effort to always create more value for creators and publishers.

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Social protection and solidarity

From the beginning, Sacem has had a social model that is unique in the world.
Today, it offers social protection programmes to support its members at every stage of their professional lives.

Support for projects

Sacem contributes to the vitality and influence of creation and the dissemination of works by providing support and a range of expertise to its members and other cultural actors in the execution of their projects, involving all repertoires, in France and internationally

Sacem supports



With its territorial network of more than 60 offices in metropolitan France and the overseas territories, Sacem maintains a relationship of trust and proximity with the 300,000 people who bring artistic creation to life throughout France.


Sacem collects and distributes royalties for its members from 174 nationalities, but also for its international partners (50 international publishers, 3 foreign authors’ societies) who have entrusted it with the management of their online royalties in more than 200 territories. In France, Sacem represents works and creators from 124 international sister societies.