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Two countries, one passion


In March 1996, SACEM signed an agreement with two American professional guilds representing audiovisual creators —the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and Writers Guild of America West (WGAW), joined by the Motion Picture Association (MPA)— to set up a Cultural Fund to promote and teach the art of cinema.

This is how the Franco-American Cultural Fund began, funded in France by resources from the private copy levy. Its Honorary President is Director Costa Gavras. To learn more, consult the Franco-American Cultural Fund’s website.

The Fund’s purpose is to promote creation on both sides of the Atlantic, develop talent and encourage dialogue between professionals in both countries.

The fund is the founder and organizer of the French film festival in Los Angeles (COLCOA). It is also working with the Cinémathèque française and The Film Foundation to preserve French and American films.



The Franco-American Cultural Fund undertakes actions to promote French cinema, develop ties with American distributors and facilitate access to the North American market for many French filmmakers and producers.


The history of French and American cinema is rich with great films, both historic and entertaining, which are an integral part of both countries’ collective memory. Thus, the Franco-American Cultural Fund quite naturally wished to support a restoration programme for these great films.


The Franco-American Cultural Fund also undertakes actions to incite and strengthen opportunities for meetings between French and American professionals, around their respective films and the many concerns they share, whether technical, artistic or relating to cultural policy.


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