National and international organisations
in the musical and cultural sectors

SACEM co-finances and participates in the governance of a majority of organisations
of general interest in the music sector.

Commercial and technological alliances



Founded by 5 authors’ societies, this decentralized network enables data sharing on documentation for musical and audiovisual works



One-stop shop for pan-European licences representing 12.5 million works in 33 countries

Defence of the interests of creators in France and worldwide

BIEM (International Bureau of Mechanical Rights Societies)


These societies grant licences for the reproduction of musical, literary and dramatic works

CISAC (International Confederation of Authors and Composers’ Societies)


Non-governmental organisation defending creators by reinforcing the network of authors’ societies supporting them

French Coalition for Cultural Diversity

French Coalition for Cultural Diversity

UNESCO Convention for the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expression

La Culture avec la copie privée

La Culture avec la copie privée

Defends the private copy system, emphasizing its key role in promoting cultural diversity and artistic vitality in France

France Créative

France Créative

Platform grouping players in the Cultural and Creative Industries in France at the origin of the Economic Panorama (EY)

GESAC (European Grouping of Authors and Composers’ Societies)


Supports the legal, economic and cultural activities of its members (34 authors’ societies in the European Union, Norway and Switzerland)

Tous pour la musique (TPLM)

Tous pour la musique

TPLM brings together music professionals to promote musical creation in France

Support for musical creation

Fonds pour la création musicale (FCM)

Fonds pour la création musicale

FCM promotes the creation and dissemination of today’s music.

Futurs Composés

Futurs Composés

Groups over 160 members active in musical creation in France.

Musique française d’aujourd’hui (MFA)

Musique française d’aujourd’hui

Support for producers of phonographic and videographic recordings of contemporary, jazz and world music

Support for music dissemination

Accord majeur

Accord majeur

Coordination platform grouping over 300 structures serving music, artists and their audiences

Association Jazzé Croisé (AJC)

Association Jazzé Croisé

Grouping of 60 structures for the dissemination of jazz festivals, national and subsidized theatres, cultural centres, clubs)

Association Française des Orchestres (AFO)

Association Française des Orchestres

Professional association of orchestras in France with 38 French members and 5 foreign members

FEVIS (Federation of Specialized Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles)

Federation of Specialized Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles

A collegiate structure representing 110 independent musical ensembles

France Festivals

France Festivals

French federation of 75 music and live performance festivals

Jeunesses musicales de France (JMF)

Jeunesses musicales de France

Discovery of live music by organizing concerts dedicated to primary and secondary school students and the general public

Musique nouvelle en liberté (MNL)

Musique nouvelle en liberté

Financial support for orchestras, ensembles and festivals programming Contemporary and Classical music

Office national de diffusion artistique (ONDA)

Office national de diffusion artistique

Support for the dissemination of performances over the entire French territory and stimulating international exchanges, especially in Europe

Support for export and dissemination of French music worldwide

Export Bureau

Export Bureau

Dissemination, promotion and aid to marketing of French-language artists and music worldwide

Resources and training



Structure to support professionalization to help start up the careers of artists and music groups.

Centre d’information & de ressources pour les musiques actuelles (Irma)

Centre d’information & de Ressources pour les Musiques Actuelles

Information, orientation and exchange centre for all players in the Musiques Actuelles sector

Studio des variétés

Studio des variétés

Centre for higher education and professionalization of authors, composers and performers of Musiques Actuelles

Highlighting the repertoire

Centre de Documentation Musique Contemporaine (CDMC)

Centre de Documentation Musique Contemporaine

Providing the broadest possible information on contemporary musical creation available to the public and professionals

Hall de la chanson – Centre national du patrimoine de la chanson

Hall de la chanson

Heritage of song in France and Europe through creation, multimedia production and cultural and educational initiatives

Victoires de la musique

Victoires de la musique

Highlighting professionalization in three televised ceremonies dedicated to Classical music, Jazz and Variety