Through our three main missions, SACEM plays a crucial role in protecting musical creation.

Collecting & distributing

SACEM collects and distributes authors' rights for the broadcast in public (audiovisual media, concert halls, festivals, Internet services, movie theatres, shops, etc.) and for the reproduction on media (disc, video, legal digital file, DVD, CD-ROM, video game, etc.) of the works it represents.

Thanks to its network of 70 local offices in France and in French overseas departments and territories, SACEM collects programmes of works that are broadcast or reproduced.

Royalties are collected so as to reflect the real use of the works.

work by work, on the basis of usage data on the dissemination and reproduction of works,

by surveys,

taking into account consumers habits.

SACEM also collects:

  • Private copy levies on behalf of performers and producers of music, audiovisual works, visual arts and writing via Copie France.
  • Performing rights (for members of Adami and Spedidam) and record producers' rights (SCPP, SPPF) for the broadcast of works in public places, shops, nightclubs, etc.
  • Royalties for live performances and audiovisual works (members of SACD), multimedia works (members of Scam), and graphic and visual arts (members of ADAGP) for exploitation of their works in audiovisual and multimedia projects.
  • Royalties for international music publishers (Universal Music Publishing, Wixen Music Publishing, Inc. and Sharandall Music) for the digital dissemination of their international repertoires.

Defending & protecting
our members

SACEM is recognised around the world for its model's accuracy and efficiency. It plays a key role within various international copyright/authors' rights organisations (Cisac, Biem, Gesac), steadfastly defending its members' interests – as it does in France within industry-wide public-interest bodies ("Tous pour la Musique", "La Coalition pour la Diversité Culturelle", "La Culture avec la Copie Privée", etc.)

SACEM also strives to offer efficient services and support to its members, 70,000 of whom have signed up to the member access pages of sacem.fr, where they can register their works on line, check usage data on their works, and take full advantage of the benefits in the SACEM PLUS programme.

Promoting & supporting creation

Cultural initiatives have been enshrined in SACEM's Statutes since 1963: nurturing artistic careers, helping to disseminate works, getting young professionals started… Few policies around the world in support of creation surpass that of SACEM. It took on a new dimension in 1985 with the introduction of the private copy levy.

Today, over 80% of funds channelled into cultural initiatives come from 25% from the private copy levies collected. The rest comes from a voluntary, so-called "statutory", contribution voted in by the Board of Directors.

In 2015, SACEM dedicated € 24.6m to cultural initiatives and supported 1,820 extremely diverse projects.

Song, jazz, rock, classical, contemporary, world, urban and electro music, music for images, poetry, comedy, audiovisual works… Cultural initiatives concern all repertoires and directly benefits creators (help with self-production, career boosts, marketing funds, etc.) as well as disseminators (show venues, festivals, producers, etc.) who programme the artists and promote them.