Copyright directive : creators win after extra time

15 february 2019

The Trialogue talks went to extra time but creators and Internet users came out with a major win on Wednesday, Feb. 13: an agreement between the three EU institutions on the final text.

The final text of the European Copyright Directive will have to be approved at a Coreper meeting of representatives of the 28 member countries. Then Parliament's legal affairs committee has to validate it in a vote, before it comes before a plenary session of Parliament. The Parliament vote is most likely to happen at the end of March or early in April.

The text agreed on Wednesday evening is being refined and consolidated and will be made public in the coming days.

In a press conference on Thursday, Axel Voss, the Parliament rapporteur, welcomed the deal and explained that requirements under Article 13 would depend on the size and business models of the companies involved. The “proportionality principle in Article 13 calls for a staggered approach,” he said.

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Published February 15 2019