Sacem Annual Report 2017

As the world’s leading authors’ rights organisations, our mission is to protect and enhance the value of our members’ rights, and to inspire a strong and sustainable future for our industry.

In an increasingly connected world, our focus on driving innovation in support of our commitment to delivering fairness and value for creators have resulted in another record year of collections and distributions.
During the year, we collected €969.8m in royalties and distributed €843.9m to around 300,000 creators around the world for 2.4 million works. Including mandates, we collected more than €1.4bn and distributed in excess of €1.3bn.

Our membership grew to almost 165,000, and we processed over 2.1 trillion streams – more than double the number in 2016.
At our heart, we are deeply committed to a sustainable and vibrant cultural environment, investing over €58.9m in a range of social and cultural programmes to support talent and creativity across all ages, activities and communities within France and internationally.

As we move forward to address the challenges and opportunities of the future, our objectives remain to continue investing in technology leadership and process efficiency to maximise value for members, and to remain committed to long-term cultural sustainability.

Sacem Annual Report and Accounts 2017

Published July 12 2018